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Although every project is unique, our process is always straight forward and well planned. 

Explore the key elements that define each project we handle.


We collaborate with homeowners to understand the vision and budget. This sets the stage for crafting preliminary plans and project goals.  Our main goal here is to listen to your needs and turn them into a project outline.

This stage involves developing detailed architectural plans, obtaining permits, and finalizing budget and timeline. We source materials, hire subcontractors, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Site preparation, framing, interior work, and finishing touches are all key milestones in this phase. Open communication with homeowners is maintained, offering regular progress updates and addressing any concerns efficiently and effectively.

Ensuring high standards, we conduct quality control checks at key points and coordinate inspections with building authorities. Any identified issues are promptly addressed to maintain project integrity.

As we approach completion, punch list tasks are finalized. A walkthrough with homeowners addresses any last-minute concerns. We provide homeowners manufacturer warranty and care information and facilitate a seamless ownership transfer.

We remain accessible for any post construction inquiries or necessary follow up. Most of our products and services have a 1 year warranty from date of install. Should a need for a claim arise, we will coordinate those details for you.  Our commitment to client satisfaction extends beyond completion of the project.  

“I appreciate that the job and all the additions to it were completed quickly and that the workmanship was excellent." 

Sam L.


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