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Rooted in Construction, Grounded in Community Service
Brad began his career in the construction industry, working his way up from a construction foreman to a project estimator. His early years on the job allowed him to gain valuable experience and understanding of the intricacies involved on a construction site. It was around this time Brad felt called into public service.  He made a bold career shift and was trained and certified as a Medical First Responder and Firefighter, and eventually promoted to Fire Captain. 

From Fire Captain to Business Owner
While still in his Firefighting career, Brad envisioned leaving a deeper impact on the community he loved. Fueled by his passion for both construction and firefighting, Brad founded Leading Construction. His vision extended beyond constructing houses.  He desired to create homes, that serve the people, that create strong communities.

Neighbor, Family Man, and Builder
Residing in the very community he serves, Brad is more than a business owner.  He is a neighbor and a family man. With his wife and two children by his side, Brad is committed to serving the place he calls home. 

Our Core Pillars
At Leading Construction, our foundation rests firmly on the pillars of Service, Quality, Trust, and Transparency. Driven by a dedication to excellence, we go above and beyond to ensure that each construction project is handled with care.  We are a tight-knit crew of hard and humble workers and...  

We Look Forward To Serving You!


In 2015, founder Brad Bender envisioned a construction company that went beyond building structures.
Leading Construction was born out of the desire to serve his community.


“Everyone I spoke with was extremely friendly and professional." 

Mark C.


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